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Feedback on My Mind

November 14, 2017
By t.l1n GOLD, Staten Island, New York
t.l1n GOLD, Staten Island, New York
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“My Mind” is a beautiful poem written by Parker K. It uses lots of vivid and descriptive word choice within each line. Parker uses personification for many of the things described in the poem and also writes in a simple but meaningful way. Parker also keeps the message of the poem short while letting the reader enjoy the actual literature.

I relate to this personally because of how I think my mind can go against me but be with me on occasions. I sometimes get paranoid about little things and that goes to the courtesy of mind. Other times, I think about images that “please and calm” and I feel that helps me. We all have our own unique imaginations, some happier than others, but we each think about different things. Our brains force us to hear things we want to hear, see things we want to see, and think about what we want dream.

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