Review on Seventeen Years Old

November 14, 2017
By firstlovves SILVER, Brooklyn , New York
firstlovves SILVER, Brooklyn , New York
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“Seventeen Years Old” is a splendid memoir written by Sara B. that illustrates the memorable instances she experiences as a female. It explains the events that have occurred each time she ages, which ties in to her gender. The narrator is told that because she is a girl, she is this or she is that. The whole memoir is realistic and relatable; it connects to the reality of society. Even in a world like today, where everything is advanced in every way possible, gender equality is still not been securely established.

Females are females. We are not distractions to men; we are not objects; we are not an “it”. Why should females be blamed for the behavior of men? The difference in the physical appearance of our bodies is nothing but a mere excuse. Long hair and short hair do not determine if someone is a female. The length our hair is just a number; we are still females nonetheless. We are nothing more and especially nothing less to who we actually are.

Sara B. spoke the truth about the ideals of society and how females are often mistreated. “Seventeen Years Old” opens up on cruel imbalance of the genders.

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