Feedback on "Finding the Riches in Poverty"

November 13, 2017
By Vulphane SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Vulphane SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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Money was always a problem for me. It's not like I live in shambles or I'm constantly wondering about my next meal, it's about my conveniences. College, new clothes, and those unattractive shoes that everyone wears that you don't seem to have. After reading “Finding the Riches in Poverty” by Natalie V., it has honestly opened my eyes to see another perspective of things. Society is so wrapped around trends and expenses that it has completely blinded us from seeing the struggles orphans and impoverished people go through. We are so engaged in buying the latest iPhone to be considering what we take for granted, and what we don't. You may be grateful for the Xbox 360 you got on your birthday, but what about that hearty meal your grandma made you the day before? Natalie claims that “you can never truly experience a culture without learning about the most desperate in it.” Rather than just seeing the appealing factors of a culture, one should also see the other side; the side that is suffering in shambles and desperation. So the next time I receive a birthday gift, I will remember to always look at my life in a “positive and hopeful way that can change everything.”

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