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November 13, 2017
By JxshTxng SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
JxshTxng SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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“The Witness” by Lance L. is an informative, descriptive, and thorough review of the puzzle game “The Witness.” In Lance’s review, he describes the unique qualities the game has. He starts off by explaining how there is no plot, no character development, and no music. Despite these missing attributes, he goes on and tells the reader that “The Witness” has been one of his most memorable gaming experiences ever. He then explains how the game is mysterious, that none of your questions will be answered even after you’ve completed the game and that small details are hidden everywhere and your job is to figure them out by yourself. He also tells how the game is confusing yet rewarding with its challenging puzzles and that the scenery and setting of the game are absolutely “breathtaking.” 

As I read Lance’s review, his descriptions really intrigued me and drew a picture in my mind. Even though I’ve never played the game before, I had an understanding of how it worked due to his vivid descriptions. Just like Lance, I too am a gamer who loves puzzle games. His line “There is no better feeling in this game than when you finally crack a puzzle that you have been working on for some time, completely blowing your mind,” really relates to me and how I feel whenever I complete a seemingly challenging puzzle. Lance’s review with its elegant descriptions successfully convinced me into trying out the unique puzzler that is “The Witness.”

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