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November 12, 2017
By devonjss BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
devonjss BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Somehow, Daniel M.'s review of Death Note (the movie) manages to capture all Death Note series' fans opinions on the Netflix movie interpretation of the show. As I read through the piece, I agreed with everything that Daniel wrote: from the critiques of the film to the positive feedback. Daniel describes the rushed and lack of character development from the main character of the film, Light, who is potrayed as smart and skillful in the anime. He also describes the things the film did right, such as the phenomenal acting from the charcter Ryuk (played by Willem Dafoe), a Death god that follows Light throughout both stories. Daniel truly captures the frustration of Death note fans and the satisfaction for those who haven't watched the show.


When watching the film, I immediately thought the film was too Americanized. Light Yagami's name was changed to Light Turner, and Misa Amane's name was turned to Mia. Daniel captured my feelings on the movie with his line, "this film pleases its target audience: the average North American moviegoer who has never experienced the magic of the original anime series." I find this to be a great closing sentence, and an accurate description of the movie for many people. Overall, Daniel manages to show the reader what it is like watching the film versus watching the anime series, and how different both experiences are.

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