Seventeen Years Old

November 12, 2017
By Anonymous

I completely agree with the article “Seventeen Years Old” written by Sarah  B. as it speaks out on the struggles women face throughout their lives at such a young age. Girls are held to a certain standard of having to please men and doing everything they possibly can in order to make the lives of the males better and easier. Men are excused from their behavior by society saying it is the mens form of demonstrating affection or endearment for the women they are being mean to. When a girl is taught that aggressiveness is a form of love it leads to them mistaking it as affection as they grow up which is dangerous because of situations like abusive relationships. Women should not need to adjust their lifestyles in order to feel safe. Society tells women to cover up, know how to defend yourself, and always be careful because you are an easy target but they never tell men to stop if they are making women uncomfortable or to respect the choices of a women. Although it is not intentional, women have to change their lifestyles because society does not seem to care about how it affects women unless they can make the women out to look like a helpless victim.

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