Feedback on "The Great Triple Baconator"

November 12, 2017
By Logan05 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Logan05 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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The college essay, “The Great Triple Baconator” was hilariously effective and unique in its goal to show the writer’s ability to take problems one at a time and overcome them with perseverance. She gives a short story about finishing a Triple Baconator from Wendy’s written with voice and a relatable self-deprecating style. In the story, she strives to eat the monster-sized sandwich quicker than a group of boys in order to have the meal free. She succeeds in this and then goes on to mention how this is only one example of challenges she has faced head on and overcome.

The genius in this college essay is in its uniqueness. When writing a college essay, many would write about their accomplishments in a formal tone, often in a dull way. This essay is very informal and about an unorthodox topic, which just adds to the charm. From the vivid description and vocabulary, you can still tell that the writer is very experienced, even with the childish storyline. At the very end she adds in more of her accomplishments and relates it back to her piece, a very effective closer for the essay. Overall, this is a very convincing, intriguing, and effective college essay that entertains and informs simultaneously.

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