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November 12, 2017
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Excellent college essay, The Great Triple Baconator, written by Victoria S., is a thoughtful piece and an outlet of inspiration. As an college essay, The Great Triple Baconator expresses Victoria victory of not only defeating an immensely sized burger,but also a overturn of discrimination. After exhaustion from debating , 14 year old Victoria and debate team mates venture into a Wendy’s, where Victoria was challenged into devouring a dangerously meaty burger before a group of giant male senior students. Once she was finished, she was hungry for more challenges other than massive burger.

The Great Triple Baconator is a great example of what a college seat guaranteeing college essay should be. It is a thoughtful, personal essay, explaining an experience that really impacted on who Victoria is today, a strong, determined young woman. She engaged the reader with creative wording to describe things; she compared the consumption of the burger to a series of celebrations which gave the paragraph a jubilant tone. Overall, this a excellent college essay that had also inspired me to consume bigger challenges.

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