Review of the "Running forJoy"

October 24, 2017
By Justin_Case BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Justin_Case BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled “Running for Joy,” written by Clara Hevia, talks about having asthma and running anyways. Her writing left me feeling relatable. I also have asthma, and I compete in three different sports throughout the whole year. Sometimes it just feels like my lungs couldn’t hold air in the first place, but if I had a choice between playing sports or not, I would hands down play sports. The reason behind this is because playing sports is what keeps my mind off of my lung problems. This feeling hits where I just zone out, and that zone is described perfectly in the writing. I also realize though that asthma is practically just a cough compared to the things that some people have had to go through with their health. For that reason, I am thankful that all I have is asthma, and I believe that the author is too.

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