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October 24, 2017

The writing Titled “Women Need a Seat at The Table,” written by Kayleigh Padar, talks about Vice President Mike Pence’s refusal to dine with women alone. Her article left me feeling angry not at Mike Pence but at everyone who got angry about his personal choice. This article largely talks about how VP Mike Pence refuses to dine alone with women. The reason I am mad is that this article talking about sexism being bad is sexist against a man. It is sexist because if a female politician said that she would refuse to dine with men after work she would be praised for being progressive. The article says,“ His discriminatory view will hurt women in politics.” it then goes on to say,“A lot of business and politics happen after work.” I could find no evidence to back this claim both in the article and online. It also says, “It’s not okay for Pence to discriminate against women.” However, I believe the discrimination is forced and makes no sense. It is his personal choice to say no. It has nothing to do with politics. There is discrimination being shown in this article, and it is against Mike Pence. This man chooses not to dine with women in his free time, and he is called sexist. I feel as if this article should get as much scrutiny as Mike Pence’s choice.

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