Less CGI More OMG

October 24, 2017
By Bricetin BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
Bricetin BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
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The writing titled, “Less CGI More OMG,” written by Angelina Lee talks about how CGI has progressed. Angelina’s writing made me feel like I know more about GCI effects and how cool they are. I agree that CGI is getting better; you can definitely see the difference in other year compared to these years. I do understand these big companies make money, and they spend it on new technology to make these things better. I think the article is written very nicely, and it is in order very well. It sure does go into depth with certain movies and technology. The things she says definitely are valid. One thing from the article says, “And as buildings fall, people fly, and mountains descend into smoke, the wow factor becomes less reliable.” I agree with this statement for the article. We don’t get wowed that much anymore. Another thing from the article says, “Movies today bank so much on special effects that we are practically immune to it.” I agree also they do bank very much on special effects. Some things in the movie might not seem real, but some are. 

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