"Why I Hid My Lunch" Review

October 24, 2017
By Talon_Boi BRONZE, Defiance, OH, Ohio
Talon_Boi BRONZE, Defiance, OH, Ohio
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The writing titled “Why I Hid My Lunch,” written by Caroline Dinh, talks about accepting differences. Her writing left me feeling satisfied. This article is simply enlightening. It talks about a foreign girl whose favorite food is “com voi suoc- rice with rousong, a dried pork product that originated in China, had a light, fluffy texture and an appearance resembling brown wool.” She gets made fun of because of this but eventually gets over it. I honestly think that this kind of behavior is a big deal nowadays. While some would call this racist or prejudice, I say it is simply judgemental. He wasn’t really judging the girl. He was judging the food. She took it like it was judgemental. That is not okay. As Caroline said herself, “He was just a child, swinging words around like a scythe.”

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