Witch's Hour Review

October 24, 2017

The writing titled “Witch’s Hour,” written by TheoRide, talks about the witching hour. The writing left me liking the attention to detail and impressed by the descriptiveness attributed to the poem. I love how the text is quite descriptive :“I am a midday’s still foggy lens behind the eye” which is very good. I wasn’t really expecting something so mysterious and cute, making it all the while better. My favorite line of this poem said, “A grayness the hovers and stops time.” I honestly couldn’t tell why it is my favorite line. It just speaks to me and relates to me in ways. I’d not like to share tis the beauty of relating to something you can’t explain. By far this poem out of all I’ve read is in my top ten. The poem shows both beauty and uniqueness, and that is what makes this poem as beautiful as it seems.

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