"I Am a Jew In America"

October 24, 2017
By Kallen22 BRONZE, Holgate, Ohio , Ohio
Kallen22 BRONZE, Holgate, Ohio , Ohio
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In this article titled “ I Am a Jew In America,” written by Janet Natick, I strongly support Natick’s view. I feel like discrimination is still in large numbers in the U.S. Natrick states, “A swastika was traced onto a car window in a local parking lot.” I believe this is a horrible way to express your feelings, considering the horrible past the symbol has had. I support Natick because she is absolutely right with her statements. Jews around the world really do get a bad rep. They are severely mistreated in some cases. In the article Natick says, “Jews and minorities across America are finding themselves in a new position--facing the hate-filled beliefs we had blindly hoped were dissipating.” She’s right; minorities are facing very bad discrimination.

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