The Vietnam Veterans Memorial: A Work of Art

November 9, 2017
By Anonymous

I found Max O.'s article "The Vietnam veterans memorial: a work of art" extremely moving because he includes phrases from real people who are also veterans. He states that veteran Kennith Young said, "I dont know what it is. you have to touch it. There's something about touching it." The feeling you get could be simply amazing, some say it sends chills through your body and you just have this sort of connection to it. The wall doesnt just show a list of names it is a work of art, it shows those who stand before it. Although i may not have visited the memorial i have a connection to this article because my grandfather is a Vietnam veteran who passed in 2015, so his name may not be on the wall, but he surly stands before it. Thank you Max for putting the feeling of a special connection of something so real into words.

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