Religion, Science, and Silence

November 9, 2017
By Long_Ly SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Long_Ly SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I can relate to Lisa because I also have had conversations about science and religion with someone. I come from a highly catholic family with very little knowledge in science, they use religion to explain important events, short comings in life and incidents around the world. Lisa says that the relationship between "science and religion cannot be separated" , but I strongly disagree with that. Science when taught to a child at an early age is suppose to promote reasoning , logic, and an open mind to new ideas and discovery. Catholism in the other hand is meant to indoctrinate a child in their early years. It promotes a closed and narrow set of ideal, expectations, and discourages the use of reasoning and scientific evidence that contradicts the bible or alters it. They thus rely on an outdated over 2000 year old book to explain events. Catholism in general promotes ignorance. Faith has nothing to do with scientific discovery, solid evidence should reinforce belief and educated predictions through tests should create theories. Thank Lisa for presenting this topic

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It is interesting but I feel like it should be a stronger topic

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