Seventeen Years Old

November 9, 2017
By emilypardo18 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
emilypardo18 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Throughout Seventeen Years Old, Sara B. is able to express the struggles a women has to go through whIle growing up in a society filled with expectations. Females in general are blamed for distracting boys during class when in reality it is not our fault that men have the instinct of looking. We are not just "a pair of legs," we have values and are capable of accomplishing things men, themselves, can do. Girls are critizied and looked down upon by others who may judge them because they do not agree with their choices or because their values do not match their's. For instance, the length or color of a girl's hair may lead people into thinking that they're mean or ugly. And expectations like that actually lower the self esteem of one, as they begin feeling the need to be like those expectations. However, all women are beautiful and are allowed to express themselves the way they want. We all have our unique way of admiring ourselves. And it is for that reason that I totally agree with her, I know that I am more than just a pair of legs. I am worth so much worth than what society may think of me and as long as I'm happy and know that the decisions I make are good for me then I'll be okay.

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