Lauren's Story Must Hold this Society Accountable

November 9, 2017
By AuroraG. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
AuroraG. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Amanda C.'s depiction of Lauren' s story of her sexual assault on a college campus extremely moving. The unforgivable violation of Lauren' s well-being, and security reveals the lack of action taken against those who commit sexual assault. Unfortunately, Amanda's statistics are accurate, and frightening to young adults entering college and their parents. Lauren's story is terrifyingly common place among the numerous sexual assault cases that occur on college campuses. It is necessary that colleges and universities take responsibility for all crimes committed on campus and secure the safety of their students whenever possible.

Lauren's story is unacceptable. The actions of the man who assaulted her are unacceptable. The reaction of her "friends" is unacceptable. This society, it's citizens, and it's institutions musty to respond to the threats surrounding any form off assault. More than that, this society must abandon its practices and beliefs that blame the victims of assault and allow their attackers to roam free without consequences. Lauren's story told through Amanda sheds light on a subject that has long been ignored, and I admire their courage to speak out and strand up for their rights as human beings.

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