Seventeen Years Old

November 9, 2017
By Anonymous

 A big round of applause for Sara B. for being able to express her experience of criticism every girl faces to be accepted by society, under its expectations of perfection. In your article are the emotions of many filles who do not have a voice for themselves; therefore, most grow up thinking it’s okay to be catorized “inferior.” Peer pressure that limits an individual from being comfortable or themselves should not be accepted because it is morally and constitutionally unjust. “And I now know that I am more than a distraction, more than a pair of legs” this message contradicts the stereotypical view of most men that perceive females as entertainments. The quote speaks against the societal perspective men have of women. Thank you Sara B., for speaking out for the silenced.

The author's comments:

The voice for people like me.

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