Should We Take Down Rebel Statues?

November 9, 2017
By JuanBallez SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
JuanBallez SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I completely agree with Molly from Scottsdale, AZ when she wrote “Should we take down rebel statues?”. The statues of the confederate army show how we acknowledge our past, but if we were to get rid of them. We are white washing history and allowing people to think one race is superior over the rest. Furthermore, the statues do not have power they are only given power by the people, so there is no point in taking them down if it is the people who are at fault.In Order to learn from the dark past of our nation we must join together and show how our nation has grown past all this hate, and also commemorate all the lives that were lost. The public should know that all those people died for a chance in the future to have equality. Lasstly, thank you Molly for discussing this controversial topic and allowing me to agree and state my own opinion on the subject.

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