Balancing Act by Brenda

November 8, 2017
By Alonderz26 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Alonderz26 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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  I found Brenda's article "Balancing Act," extremely moving for bringing awareness to the effects of mental illness and how big of an impact it can play in a person's life. Although I do not have a mentall illness myself, many of my loved ones suffer from it and are shut down by those who ignorantly believe it is not a real condition. Just how Brenda's parents ignored her call for help and believed she was "seeking attention," many people face the same issue but prefer to remain silent as a sign of embarrasement or fear of judgement. Mental illness needs to be a topic that can be openly talked about and not be viewed as a desperate call for attention, since even your next door neighbor or closest friend could be suffering in silence. Thank you, Brenda for having the courage to open up about your battle and give others a piece of hope to overcome the same challenges. 

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