Review of "Sorceress"

October 26, 2017
By Alex_Dean BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
Alex_Dean BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
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The writing titled “Sorceress,” written by Andrew G., talks about Opeth a progressive rock band. His writing left me feeling very informed about this band. This article related to me a lot because I love the progressive rock genre. In my opinion, the band is musically incredible because they put a lot of work into their music and the way it comes together. Now their older music is pretty heavy, but I am in love with the new music they are putting out. It is really creative and combines jazz with rock, but it also has some heavy aspects to it. Some of the guitar riffs they have are heavier, but they have jazz drumming. Now I am a big Tool fan, and they have some pretty heavy music, but the singer of Tool is in a way just like Akerfeldt (Opeth’s singer). In the article it says, “His wide range of styles even includes some harsh vocals, though not the guttural growls of death metal.” That quote is one of the main reasons I love progressive rock singers because most of the time they don’t have death metal screams. This article felt relatable to me because I listen to this type of music, and I enjoyed this article a lot because of that aspect.

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