Response to The Day My School Was Bombed

October 26, 2017
By churtleidia BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
churtleidia BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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In the writing titled “The Day My School Was Bombed,” written by Zeina A., talks about a day her school was bombed in Syria. Her writing left me depressed for people in Syria. I agree that I am and she is lucky to be in America. Other places, like Syria, are bombed every day. I cannot relate to what happened because I have never been around or experienced a bomb in my lifetime. I can understand her fear and how she went to get her brother before leaving just herself. I was very surprised to just read the title. There are not any bombs going off around Defiance. When she said, “Our school was in flames,“ it made me realize more that we are so lucky and that we should not take that advantage. I also almost cried when she said, “My legs felt weak with terror.”

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