Numbers on a Scale

October 26, 2017
By Elizabeth_Wank4 BRONZE, Defience, Ohio
Elizabeth_Wank4 BRONZE, Defience, Ohio
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The writing titled “Numbers on a Scale, written by Jenny N., Mesa, AZ, talks about body weight shamming in her family. Her writing left me feeling that families shouldn’t body shame or even grade shame. I disagree with this story because I think families shouldn’t put that much pressure about weight, grades, or their future choices. She writes, “I learned that my family wasn’t as strict as many others who forced their nieces and nephews to earn all A’s on their report cards. Instead they focused on body weight.” No, I cannot relate to this story because my family loves me no matter what the weight scale says or what I look like. I understand how she might be feeling after getting assumed. A lot of people go through this same type of situation. I’m surprised that family members would be doing this to her. She writes “You can have an ugly personality, flunk out of college, or be a doctor, and people like her won’t bat an eye. However, gain an extra pound and they will go ballistic.” I see the same situation with some girls getting bullied for their bodies by their peers or even by themselves.

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