The Day My School Was Bombed

October 26, 2017
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The writing titled “The Day My School Was Bombed,” written by Zeina A., talks about a school being bombed. Her writing left me feeling very fortunate of how good my life is. This is a very surprising article. I could never imagine something like that happening at my school. For that reason I can’t relate to this article at all. I believe this article is written very well. I was not confused by anything in this article. In the article it says, “Zeid and I slipped out into the streets of Damascus we ran, my hopes rising and then immediately dropping when I heard heavy footsteps behind us.” I can’t imagine how scary that would be. Later in the story it says, “I heard footsteps behind me and sprinted faster, thinking it was another soldier chasing us. From behind me I heard my brother’s voice, ‘why are you running from me?’” That shows how scared they were. I can’t imagine being in such a scary situation.

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