Critique of "What Not to Wear"

October 26, 2017

The writing titled “What Not to Wear,” written by, Morgan C., talks about dress codes, and this reading left me feeling shocked. I agree with this article one hundred percent. I can relate to this article and so can many other girls at my school and other schools. I understand why she feels that women should not be blamed for being a “distraction” and being blamed for boys not being able to control themselves. I am not really surprised by anything she said because it is very relatable and agreeable. I see those same issues about dress codes in my school and other schools. This article is very understandable. Women should not be blamed as a “problem.” Like she said in the article, “If society can’t see that this is a problem, then society is the problem.” Women should be able to wear what they want to express themselves and not have to change.

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