Dear Freshmen

October 18, 2017
By J-Castro SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
J-Castro SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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   I can relate to Max Jackson when he wrote about freshmens coming into high school. "In four years most of them will be history" is a strong quote because many kids worry about being cool or people judging them like it doesn't matter because in 4 years theose people who criticize will be gone and you'll start a new chapter in life. It's better to just make the best of it because once you graduate one will regret not doing something that they could've done in high school. Although you can have fun in school, it still sucks due to the amount of homework you get everyday and the early mornings of waking up at 6 a.m. On the other hand, high school years go by really fast, one second you're a freshmen knowing nothing and then you're graduating ready for college on your way to chase your career. Best thing for a freshmen to do is take risks, focus on their grades and create their own history in high school.

The author's comments:

Being a freshmen does suck due to the enviroment that you have to adopt to and the amount of projects and homework you have to do.

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