October 18, 2017
By AmandaSpence SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
AmandaSpence SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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   A big round of applause for Michelle Piong for her article "Trapped". This is a well written story on how one with Nytophobia might experience the night. I do think it was a little dramatized when you said that you were "stepping in the pool of blood". Does nyctophobia really allow someone to feel this or is this a figment of imagination? I did like how you descibed the creature as having "blue crepe-like skin, sharp claws and teeth, and skinny figure, it does not seem friendly". This description helps give the reader a sense of the demonic images seen on this night. Truely nytophobia is one of the most fearful conditions one might have. Thank you Michelle Piong for giving your expeirence on Nytophobia.

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