Season of change

October 18, 2017
By BrandonGR BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
BrandonGR BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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“Season of change” by Nonnie Koman was in my perspective, a poem that offers many positive vibes. I enjoyed this poem because I love the winter time. Every time winter time or the cold weather comes around I always get a happy feeling because I think of when I was younger or even in current time when I get to receive hot chocolate, arroz con leche (rice pudding), cinnamon (hot drink), or the tamales that come with the winter time. Apart from the food I love the cold season because of the huge blankets and comfy sweaters I can wear. Likewise, when winter comes around I always think of Christmas and the music associated with it along with the happiness and decorations Christmas has to offer. Even though I live in a warm enviroment thank you for reminding me how much i enjoy the cold weather.

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