Feedback on What Not to Wear

October 17, 2017
By vivian._moyster BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
vivian._moyster BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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What Not to Wear, a point of view piece by Morgan Cooley displays her perspective on the worldwide issue about school dress codes, particularly focusing on school dress codes for girls. Morgan begins by sharing a past experience from her younger years from middle school that ultimately caused humiliation and self doubt for herself. She then continues to consult the invasive and ridiculous restrictions for female students. This piece not only displays the issue but it greatly captures the reality of how one can be greatly influenced solely on the administration of apparel in schools.
Although it is important for the adults at school to monitor inappropriate wear, most restrictions to what a student can wear is unnecessary. It is definitely downgrading and humiliating when a teacher or other school administrator gives an unwanted glare or calls you out on what you are wearing. Some schools reason that exposure of skin may distract others, especially boys, however this reason may suggest the idea that female students are the cause of distraction for male students.

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