Critique of "Conceit and Defeat"

October 25, 2017
By RClark2021 BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
RClark2021 BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
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The writing titled “Conceit and Defeat,” written by Ty T., talks about the selfish acts that he committed in a football game. His writing left me feeling deja vu. I can relate to what the author is saying due to a senior night football game. At one point in the writing, the author writes, “Every night, only my performance mattered.” I was in a similar situation the night of the senior night game. I was just playing to try and secure a starting spot instead of actually doing my job every play. Though the loss wasn’t solely my fault, there is still a sense of guilt that I feel. He also wrote about how he, “watched as all the seniors cried in their parents’ arms…” I had to see this happening at our senior night game. It gives you a feeling of helplessness. Just knowing that by making one more play, it could have been our team coming out on top in that game. As hinted at in the end of the writing, it’s more important to sell yourself out and play for the win and the team.

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