Conciet and Defeat

October 20, 2017
By mike_87 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
mike_87 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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A very good article by Ty T. Explaining what he went through after getting offered full ride scholarships to big name d1 d2 schools. Letting the readers know how it felt like getting another offer after every single game. Getting lots of calls and letters. By the end of his senior season he was very cocky. Didn’t want anything to do with his friends because he thought he was better than them. He wasn’t even listening to his coaches before the second round playoff game during their pre-game talk. In the final play of the game instead of doing his job he went and tried to make a spectacular play, so he left his zone and ran to try to get a pick but the QB threw it into his zone and the other team won the game. He felt so bad looking around and seeing his friends crying because they just lost their last football game in their life a lot of them are not going on to college. But thank you Ty for this article.

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