“Square Two” Blackpink

October 19, 2017
By Yesenia Campos BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Yesenia Campos BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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A round of applause for Riley for her music review on "Square Two" by Blackpink. I agree with Riley because she explains how the K-pop group, Blackpink's, second album has so much variety that their first song "Stay" starts off as "an easy pop-country". With the last track "Boomahyah" that has more of a "club-banger" mixed with hip-hop and EDM. There are four members that are all girls, who each has their own talents. In the k-pop industry there has been two types of groups; boy groups and girl groups. But in today's time there has been groups of boys and girls joining as one. K-pop is also famous for their amazing and flawless dance routines and fashion sense. Thank you Riley for this amazing music review on Blackpink"s Square Two.

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