One Frame at a Time

October 18, 2017
By graciej09 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
graciej09 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I disagree with what Liam is writing about in the article "One frame at a Time". For instance, the article is about how cameras can not "capture" feelings a person shows or "childish rebellion", but that is a false statement. As a photographer I think that pictures capture beautiful movements of life and the effects of shadow light can create. Honestly, if you do not love the way the photo looks or how it makes you feel, you are not doing you job. However, I did love and adore all the examples you gave to chow what emotion you are looking for in a photo.


I had photography last year and one of the reasons why I loved it is because you can capture a moment in a small frame to treasure it for a long time. Different types of angles and placements of the camera portrays lots of emotion to the human eye.

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