Digging Myself Up

October 18, 2017
By Gaby_G BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Gaby_G BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Jake F.'s article "Digging Myself Up" extremly moving. Jake's article is moving because who cares about what people say about your sexuality. Jake was afraid to come out to his friends and family as bisexual. He was afraid that no one was going to accept him. So he started small and told his friends to see how they react. His friends accepted him and supported him and Jake was really thankful but his big problem was telling his mom. Jake decided to send his mom a message about accepting who you are. Jake's mom was happy he told her and she also accpted her child they way he is. He's thankful for such a supportive mom. Jake believes that you "shouldn't hide or limit your life out of fear of not being accepted for who you are". Your loved ones will be happy for who you are. So don't stop being yourself. 

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