What Not to Wear

October 18, 2017
By breanna4 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
breanna4 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I find Morgan C.'s article "what not to wear" moving because i can relate and so many others girls can too. Megan talks about dress code worldwide and how unfair it is. And i completly agree with her. Girls should be able to show their shoulders or a little chest or stoamach without getting looked at or getting in trouble. Also teachers and other people will always bring up the boys and how that will "distract' them but how Megan says "if school ministrators belive teenage boys will be unable to focus on their work if the girl sitting next to them is wearing a tank top, then how will they be able to function in the real world?" woman and girls everyday show their shoulder and chest and men and boys see that so why not just let the girls where it?

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