Feedback on 2,300 Years Ago

October 17, 2017
By aberr SILVER, NYC, New York
aberr SILVER, NYC, New York
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“2,300 Years Ago” by Hannah A. is a magnificently written fiction piece of a dystopian world concealed by everyone’s impression of living in a “perfect” world, a world of peace and unity, the utter definition of utopian. Trudy McGary , the main character, is one among the ignorant many who believes in this idea of a perfect world. She is used to the consistently clean water, the flying cars, and the trendy rose colored goggles. The author cleverly depicts the universal theme of “perfection” in this world and the disregard and ignorance of the people themselves, including Trudy and her friend Petey.

“Those baggy animals, those starving people, those splintered wheels - she couldn’t see any of them. She could believe, if she really wanted to, that they were not there at all.” I view this piece as a warning, or a negative possibility, of our own future. Especially with our ever-growing developments in technology and science, who knows what could happen? Will we be like the people in this story, blinded by the need for perfectionism and idealism? So hungry for this perfect world that we’d be willing to sacrifice our morals and humanity? Maybe this piece was a wake up call, but the deeper message of “2,300 Years Ago” goes far beyond Trudy’s fictitious and unrealistic world.

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