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October 17, 2017
By SabinaZ SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
SabinaZ SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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The article called What Not to Wear by Morgan C. really stood out to me, because it is an issue that can be found in almost all schools. The school dress code, in her opinion is wrong and should be more flexible. Why should girls wear certain things because boys cannot help but stare at them if they wear something a little more reveling like a V-neck? Morganincorparated into the article a personal story off how she wore a v neck to school and got dress coded for it, which was interesting to read. When the teacher saw her wearing this shirt, she was sent to the gym to change into her gym shirt. When Morgan came back into the class, she sat next to a boy who also had a V-neck on. Morgan talks about how these dress codes teach girls that it is their fault if a boy does something bad to them or anyone around them, and that it teaches boys that it’s okay to blame women. I personally agree with what Morgan is trying to convey in her article.

I have been dress coded before so I can actually relate to this article. It was not for wearing short shorts or spaghetti straps but for wearing thick straps, apparently my shoulders were too reveling. This is what Morgan is trying to tell the reader, that even for a little bit off skin exposure they can get easily dress coded, and sent home. This also messes with a girl’s mind, and how she should dress overall. According to the article it states “People often don't believe that dress codes have any lasting effect on the mentality of the youth.” Morgan than explained in that paragraph that this statement is wrong. Morgan also states in that paragraph that because girls have to dress a certain way they are seen as objects. Before this she incorporated the fact that girls do have to dress appropriately, but the dress codes went a little bit too far with controlling how girls dress to school.  I understand exactly what she is saying in the article. When I told my mom about this article, she said that she disagrees because boys are going through puberty so dressing provocatively will distract them. I agree with this too, but having a shirt with a little bit off shoulder showing and getting dress coded for that is a little bit too far. Therefore, I agree with Morgan’s article called What Not to Wear, and I don't only agree, I can relate.

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