Feedback on Numbers on a Scale

October 17, 2017
By Vulphane SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Vulphane SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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I was always considered to be "skinny" when weighed on the imaginary scale in our individual mindsets. Although I have been called "fat" and was picked on for having thick thighs, after reading "Numbers on a Scale" by Jenny N., I was introduced to a new perspective of being called such degrading words. I did not understand how hurtful it could be to ever call anyone, whether bluntly or directly, overweight. This was mainly because I brushed off the thought of ever being too fat or imperfect; it didn't matter to me as much as it did to Jenny.The author discusses how her aunt didn't understand the weight and stress that she was putting onto Jenny, and how the consistent diet of tofu and vegetables was severely affecting her. I would have never endured through such a process, because at the time, I did not really grasp the concept of being imperfect. As I went further into the context of "Numbers on a Scale", it has come to my realization that "being skinny doesn't mean you're perfect."

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