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October 17, 2017
By Stella.V SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Stella.V SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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Vasantha S. created the beautiful masterpiece “Effeuiller la Marguerite” which was published in the October issues of Teen Ink. Vasantha’s title of the poem, “Effeuiller la Marguerite” translates to “he loves me, he loves me not.” which added to the effect and reflected the overall theme of the poem. Although the poem moves like a river into many different directions, I interpreted the message as a look into youth and the love that inhabits it. To be young and in love is a beautiful thing, and it was portrayed wonderfully by Vasantha who also explored the effect of when kids grew old and flowers wilted.


Vasantha incorporates lyrical figurative language which takes over the page and leave readers with lines they will surely remember. Vanastha’s storyline flows throughout the entire poem, taking us from one corner of the universe to another seamlessly, as a great poet should. The imagery is amazing as you go through all the different scenes. The descriptions work poetically and vividly to create solid pictures and visuals which enhance the experience of reading. When I first read this poem I knew that it would be one of my favorites out of the whole issue. I just love the flow and word use of the poem, although the last line wasn’t my favorite. Her big finish really didn’t resign deeply with me, and it felt as though she wasn’t done writing. But ultimately Vasantha’s writing is real and true, beautifully sculpted, and definitely deserves a spot on the shelf next to all the great poets.

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