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October 15, 2017
By Karena_zyd SILVER, Staten Island, New York
Karena_zyd SILVER, Staten Island, New York
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“Twitter Feed” by Kierstyn C., is a chilling article that kept me in suspense throughout the entire story, or should I say “tweets”? The second I saw the title of this fictional piece, I was immediately hooked. The fact that the author was able to twist Twitter and horror together was fascinating to me and the formatting was in a different form than most stories with paragraphs and dialogue. Instead, it was written with the date and time of day the tweet was released.

In “Twitter Feed,” you read tweets posted by CNN. The first tweet is posted on Friday the 13th in the year of 2016 wishing all its viewers a happy Friday and everything is pretty normal. Then the chaos begins to bloom in the second tweet posted later that day. “Woman admitted to local hospital supposedly ‘comes back from the dead’ just minutes after she passed away during emergency heart surgery.” More reports of similar activity begin popping up all over the world and eventually, the streets are littered with the walking dead.

The way the suspense is built, one to two sentences at a time, makes it intriguing compared to other horror pieces. The last tweet of the collection is also a stunning finish as it portrays the plea from a survivor, “is anyone reading this?”

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