2,300 Years Ago

October 15, 2017
By Anonymous

The short story, "2,300 Years Ago" is by Hannah A. It is a short story about a world with no social issues, no corrupt government, it was just perfect and simple. There was no racism, no violence, no hate, no war, it was just right. Humanity has flourished and developed  into a super race. There were no other planets to harbor alien life, so it was just humans. It was almost like a utopia. Until one day, the main character Trudy, discovers something that is truly unsettling. Told in thorough detail, this story depicts the human race in the future quite realistically, as it might even happen someday. 

I thought it was an excellent work, futuristic writing or depictions of the future need to be well thought out, like where is the setting going to be,  what achievements have humanity established, things like that. Also, whether or not all of humanity's problems have been solved, such as global warming, or violence and war. The fact that this story ends with a twisted cliffhanger makes me have the chills. The writing also makes us wonder, what is really  going to happen in the future. Basically, it makes us curious, are we going to become immortal gods with infinite knowledge, or end up in a horrible ditch of agonizing war and pain, and suffering?  But we will have no idea, and I'd be in my grave anyway.

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