Feedback on a World of Color

October 14, 2017
By karlanarva GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
karlanarva GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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There are people in this world who battle racism and automatically feel like they are not worth it. They are constantly being attacked, verbally and physically, to the point where they don’t feel like they belong. There are also people in the world, like Katelyn M. who wrote “A World of Color”, that are happy in their skin no matter what is said to them. In this astonishingly written response to the tragedy in Charlottesville, Katelyn explains how she feels bad for people who truly believe that “all good things are white and all bad things are any other color but white” She believes that they maybe they were taught to think like this or maybe they are so afraid of becoming a minority themselves in a country so beautifully diverse. Katelyn makes sure to respond to racism by telling us how comfortable and happy she is in her own skin. She loves herself and will continue to, no matter what offensive comments and actions are directed towards her.

Not only does Katelyn portray an inspirational message to love your skin, heritage, race and every part of you, she also tells us in the most intense way. She truly has a way with words that makes you feel her passion for this topic. Katelyn leaves you breathless with powerful and impactful lines like, “ And to any white supremacist who may stumble upon this article, let me tell you that I don’t regret a second of my existence” This piece stood out to me the most because of her suggestion to get rid of racism. Katelyn writes, “ By loving yourself and those different from you, you are shouting out that racism has no place among us” She’s saying that by doing something as easy as accepting each other, we can eliminate racism. I agree with Katelyn and I believe that by just respecting and loving people of all race, heritage, culture, etc., we can create a safe environment where everyone can live in peace.

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