why i hid my lunch

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When I saw the title "Why I Hid My Lunch," by Caroline D., I immediately wondered, "Why did she hide her lunch?" I continued reading, finding the out about the time she was in elementary school at the cafeteria, when she realized that her lunch was different from every else's lunch. Everyone around her had sandwiches and apple slices and juice. The author was the only one who had a Vietnamese food. The boy beside her judged her and made a big deal out of it. This piece was beautifully written. It showed how the boy was judged her affected her choice of not eating that day. She was mortified and "the wave of humiliation...crashed over" her.

Reading the article, I got reminded of the days I brought my own lunch to school. I would usually sit near the corner covering my lunch, as my eyes darted across the room to make sure no one was judging. But now, I rarely bring lunch to school. Even if I did, I would sit near my closest friends, knowing that they wouldn't judge me. Overall, I really like "Why I Hid My Lunch." The author trusted her closest friends who brought her "out of hiding." The piece ended positively with a good message. The author, Caroline D., is proud to be Vietnamese American. She doesn't have the fear of others judging her for who she is, just like how many people like me learned to do.

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melinay said...
today at 3:24 pm
YAYY ACCEPTING URSELF IS THE BEST!!! I loved your reflection on the piece!!
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