Writing an Essay an Hour Before It's Due

October 3, 2017
By JakeCleland BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
JakeCleland BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
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The piece “Writing an Essay the Day Before” by Zoe M. was about procrastination which I do often. She tells us about how she suffered from this and her grades did too, Zoe would sit in front of her computer and watch as the time would fly by “12 … 11 … 13” “5 … 4 … 3” The time she wasted Zoe now has to make up by either staying inside for one class and missing other classes but having to make up that work or you just fail the assignment and also fail yourself. But there is an exception to procrastination most people when they get off task they are usually staring out of a window or on their phone but for Zoe she gets her creativity. I personally procrastinate all the time whether in school or just getting in the shower to doing my home chores. Every day after school i just want to hang out with my friends but then i have to do my home work so i go home and i don't want to do it but then it takes me way longer to not do it then to Just sit down in a nice cozy room and do my work. But then i build a fort out of the desk and chair and blankets and i get off task again. I have many examples of getting off task but i’ll only tell you a few. When i was in 1st grade I had to do my first full page and as it took other kids half the class it took me three full classes. Another time i just didn’t want to do the work so i came up with all these lame excuses like i have to go to my locker to pick up these pens i dropped, I have to go to the gym and get my binder (my binder was under my seat.) In the end i should stop cause if i don’t then all the stuff i don’t do gets stacked up until i have to much Hw or class work. In the end I can agree with zoe one hundred percent on the procrastination and creative thinking part.

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