October 3, 2017
By ashmash567 BRONZE, Oakbluffs, Massachusetts
ashmash567 BRONZE, Oakbluffs, Massachusetts
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While I was reading Mustang by Debora M., she really persuaded the reader why is was such a good choice to take the time and watch this one movie. I loved how once you start reading only a few sentences into the passage you are craving to find out more about the writer and also the topic she is offering to others. My opinion after reading this entry is that I would take the time to watch this movie and maybe even rewrite to the author or state my opinion on social sites.

I think that Deborah did a great job introducing the main point of the entry and giving extremely tempting and exciting reasons for the reader to watch the movie. I like the way the author turned something so simple into a topic that will interest multiple people, who would think that writing about a response to one movie could be so enticing? It leaves me wanting to watch the movie for myself and relating to the author. I hope you all may read the article and consider watching the movie. I loved this poem!!!! Thank you, Debora.

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