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October 3, 2017
By RyanGio SILVER, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
RyanGio SILVER, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
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“You Are” is an inspiring poem by Kara C. This poem is about who your true self is. The poet does not mention who she is talking about in the poem. When I read this poem I thought the poet was writing about a girl and how she can act differently depending on her mood. She compares her moods to nature and weather such as a blizzard or a hurricane.

One of my favorite comparisons is when she describes the mood to a hurricane on a summer’s day. This is a simile because it compares two things using like or as. 

“You are like a hurricane on a summer’s day.”
I like this line because it describes something unusual. 
The poem is very powerful at the end, because the poet uses a lot of meaning. For example, she mentions
“so cold, so numbing, that it is mistaken for warmth; it is mistaken for love.”

To me this means that she could have loved someone and mistaken their not so nice behavior as love. She was fooled by their actions and felt everyone was treated this way.

I think this girl is an ordinary girl who is kind, sweet, and doesn't get into trouble at all. I agree with this poem because it is accurate and it reflects my past experiences.

“You Are” is a perfect poem to read. Its fluency flows like water down a stream. I recommend you read this amazing poem “You Are” by Kara C.

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