Battle Cry of the Unjustly Accused

October 2, 2017
By famous_dexxxtentacion BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
famous_dexxxtentacion BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
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In “Battle Cry of the Unjustly Accused” the author Celine L. talks about how police racially profile African Americans, and shares a personal story about unjust profiling.  In Celine’s story she shares a story of when she was driving with her boyfriend and a police officer pulled them over just because there her boyfriend was a person of color.  Stories similar to this are unfortunately not uncommon in the United States.


In this story the author gives a great description of how scared she was and the frustration she faces when she realizes they were only stopped because of her boyfriend's skin color.  In the world we live in racial profiling is all too common, most people of color spend their lives worrying of being wrongly accused. This is a great article, and for anyone who hasn't read it, trust me you should.

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i wrote this because i liked the article

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