Who Wins in Wars?

October 2, 2017
By RileyHood BRONZE, Oak Bluffs , Massachusetts
RileyHood BRONZE, Oak Bluffs , Massachusetts
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I like this poem because it puts war in a different perspective other than fighting for land or peace. Why are we fighting for peace and sending our troops to certain death in some cases, when there is not a real reason to fight?  When the president starts to send troops he is saying go go go and not putting himself in the soldier’s shoes and seeing what it is like to leave their families and homes for months at a time. 

I liked how this poem gives a different perspective of what war should be.  War is a confusing topic because the reasons are not always clear.  I am questioning why the president is putting soldiers in harm when he only knows half the battle. He has never experienced being a soldier and does not know what they go through on a regular day.  The soldier has to follow several steps when even driving a car as the president just hops in and gets a ride.
“If it is so natural to kill, why do men have to train so vigorously to fight.”

I interpret this quote as meaning  men need to train for battle and it does not come natural today. It is hard to take someone’s life and not a natural thing, the president is not the one pulling the trigger he does not know what these soldiers are thinking and the pressure they are under. He just sits in his office signing papers and feels it is their job.  Also he does not know what it is like to eat freeze dried food every day as he gets home cooked meals three times a day.

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