Writing an Essay an Hour Before its Due

October 2, 2017
By IAmMichael BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
IAmMichael BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
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I disagree with Zoe M., I do the same thing but not this extreme. I’ll wait 5 days to do homework that was due a week after it’s assigned, but not the entire week. Every once in awhile i'll get it done immediately just to get it over with so my parents won't bug me about it all week, I feel it’s better to get it over with instead of procrastinating, because then you’re free for the week and you can go out with friends and do stuff, instead of having your parents tell you you can’t do anything until you get your assignment done.

You aren’t wrong on the creativity part, but for some essays don't need creativity, just facts. Say you are writing an essay on World War Two, you need facts not creativity. You can't be creative on WW2, your teacher doesn't want you to make up a story about how Dr. Seuss and his army defeated Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Cheeseburgers by throwing green eggs and ham at him. No. You will be graded below an F. Your teacher will call your parents and have “a word” with them, and by a word she means a presentation on how everything you could do wrong, you did wrong.

In conclusion, procrastination is not as bad as it’s set out to be, but it’s still bad, don't do it when you have the choice. It’s bad for you to stay up all night watching netflix.

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